Some nights there are
There are some nights not far
Some nights that come before the nightfall
And the darkness empties the room
And the room
The room
The room in a zoom
Is my heart

Some nights
They come
As blind astronauts
Reaching out for some gravity
Begging humanity to the space

Because I know, I know that I have Some love All nights I know That I have Love But some nights Some nights I cannot touch it I’m dreaming and awake At the same time Time Time Time when I’m stuck Stuck between consciousness And illusion I’m…

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Photo by YUCAR FotoGrafik on Unsplash

My family has the tradition of spending the first day of the year near the sea. Obviously it feels great to go for a healthy walk at the beach after all the extra eating from Christmas and Hogmanay, but there’s more to it. Looking at the immensity of the sea gives us the feeling that everything is possible. The sea is exciting, challenging and refreshing — as the first day of the year should be!

I grew up in Portugal reading poets like Sophia de Mello Breyner and Fernando Pessoa who beautifully celebrate the grandiosity and mystery of the sea…

Today we are going to talk about how recycled plastic became lighting and the amazing work of Katty Barac.

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Work of lightning from One Foot Taller in collaboration with ReFUSE using recycled plastic

One Foot Taller, established in Glasgow in 1995, started out as a product design company specialising in the design and supply of lighting and furniture. Since then it has grown into a specific lighting design and supply business, for home, office and commercial settings. One Foot Taller’s work has been recognised through national and exhibition-specific awards and through inclusion in various publications Conran Octopus Contemporary Furniture, The International Design Yearbook and ZOO Magazine. Katty employs local manufacturers predominantly, uses new materials and processes along with traditional and recycled ones, and is focussed on sustainability.

“In business I would like to…

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Photo by Carolien van Oijen on Unsplash

Mr Edwick was
What many would call
Uncapable of dealing with the many complexities of life
And his own spirals

One day
While consuming his daily doses of despair and boredom
Mr Edwick read something about a butterfly
That caught his attention

Later on, coming back to this episode on his thoughts,
Mr Edwick was not sure if he read the article in a dream
Or in reality
But the words were clear in his head:

Butterfly Roxa Uncommon species of butterfly that is capable of extraordinary things Colour: it varies Size: small, slightly smaller than an ordinary…

As probably many of you, it is my first Christmas without going home. Memories come to my head every day as the time approaches. I dove into one of them and collected words for this poem.

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Photo by Joshua Newton on Unsplash

Outside the church,
A wide thrilling night.
The smell of fire crackling the wood
Holy sounds from my childhood
The steps of people coming out
Taking their time, not rushing about
Laughs and teeny talks here and there
Waves and smiles from everywhere!
Everybody gathers around,
The Bonfire is the heart of town.

Dad’s hands are cold
They touch my cheek when he tightens my coat
They remind me how warm I am

The choir begins to sing My teeny brother grabs my hand tight And between the faces lit by the fire light I see the green eyes…

Portrait of peace

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Photo by Daniel Mirlea on Unsplash

The dawn Comes down Like a tear The birds tear the sky The colour is soft and shy The wind whispers, the leaves fly And I walk I know that the days Always have their own ways To talk And that the nights Have their fights To take what the days fail to find But now the gentle silence’s shadow caresses my mind I finally feel simply alive And I walk I’m not leaving anything behind I’m not anxious with ambitions of any kind My hands are open, my steps are high and light My imagination is free like an…

A poem told by the Old Lady, rocking her chair slowly in the tea smelling house.

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Photo by Nick van den Berg on Unsplash

The Old Lady sits in her old rocking chair, slowly rocking in her tea smelling house. A younger friend comes to visit. The two women have a routine: she’ll kiss the Old Lady 10 times on each cheek, help herself with a warm mug of red fruits tea and always bring flowers. Then, the Old Lady will listen to the younger friend talk, Sometimes for hours and hours. She talks about things that happened, things she saw, Things she thinks and imagines someone felt…

A glimpse of my story through Mariana’s poem.

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Eira Pedrinha 2001, “little Maria”

Mariana was born in 1996. Mariana has Tremendous big eyes, Which colour changes to brown, Green And yellow Has a big, blowzy, curly hair Has an orange cat, Which is mysteriously blue sometimes Mariana has Secrets. Happiness can, Sometimes, Grow imagination inside a body And, this time, it grew so deep That it became, in a way, As real as the happiness itself And it became, in a way, As real as the body itself. In the early childhood Mariana would go for big walks in the woods, Chase the shinning stream…

Maria Barros

passionate writer

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